Logging In


  • You will need to have a Ninite Pro account (paid or trial).

  • If you have forgotten, or don’t know, your password, you can use the “reset a lost password link.”

  • If you do not know your email address, you can reach out to contact@ninite.com for help.

  • You can change your login information at https://ninite.com/me.

Two-Factor Authentication

  • You can enable, modify, or disable two-factor authentication at https://ninite.com/me/2fa.

  • Ninite’s two-factor authentication is compatible with any standard TOTP app, such as Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile.

  • We highly recommend that you generate and save a recovery code which will allow you to recover your Ninite account in the event that you lose your authenticating device. If you run into trouble and don’t have a recovery code, you can reach out to contact@ninite.com for help.