Interface - General

Overview Tab

This is the landing page for the web interface, and contains broad information about out of date apps, a one-button option to update all outdated apps on all machines, error information if applicable, and the link to download the agent installer.

Apps Tab

This page shows all of the Ninite supported apps, which version (if any) is installed on each of your machines, and if that version is out of date. It also provides the ability to update outdated apps, install apps that aren’t yet installed, or uninstall apps that are already installed.

The apps shown on this page can be filtered, and/or you can focus on specific machines by using the machine search or filtering machines by tag.

Machine Details Tab

This page shows all your machines that have the agent installed on them.

A set of information is available here for each machine, as well as the option to configure various machine-level Ninite settings, such as machine tags or whether it is a cache server.

You can also delete/uninstall agents here.

Policy Tab

This page allows you to create and manage machine update policies.